Quilting Price Estimator

The cost to quilt your work will depend on the size of the piece, the complexity of the work and any material costs (including batting).  For simplicity I tend to break it down into 3 categories:  “Simple” describes all over designs that are not too dense.  “Complex” patterns have more stitching and take more time to produce, but can deliver stunning results with an extended range of designs available.  Custom work will always have to be quoted once I have an understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

I also offer a basting service to stop your knees from getting sore scrabbling around on the floor!  I can baste your top, batting and backing together with large stitches so you can quilt it yourself by hand or machine.  This will give you a much flatter quilt sandwich than you can prepare at home.

The calculator below will give you a pretty accurate cost for me to quilt or baste your top, and also let you know the price of other services I offer.