I can provide batting for you, or you may send yours with your quilt top.  If you provide batting it must be in one piece, and six inches larger than the quilt in both directions.

Batting supplied by me is kept in perfect conditions for quilting, and samples are available on request

Bamboo Blend:  50% Bamboo, 50% cotton, 90 in wide

Price: £18 per metre

My best seller.  A naturally anti-bacterial, eco-friendly material, made with long staple cotton and bamboo.  No chemicals and no bleaching make it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Simply Cotton White:  100% bleached cotton, 90 in wide

Price:  £20 per metre

Ideal batting for light coloured quilts, will not make whites look cream.  The finished quilt can be machine washed and dried on the delicate cycle.

Hobbs Polydown Plus:  100% polyester, 108 in wide

Price: £12 per metre

An excellent choice for a lot of warmth from your quilt without it feeling heavy.  It is loftier than my other battings for customers who would prefer their creations to have a little more “puff”.