Quilting for Piecers

Taking inspiration from your top (or from you!), I can stitch traditional or modern designs on your patchwork quilt.  My quilting machine sits on a 10 foot frame, so I can cope with quilts up to 93 inches by any length.  I have a range of designs and prices to suit everyone.

Allover (Edge to Edge)

An allover design is exactly that:  One continuous design stitched over the entire surface of your quilt to give an even coverage of quilting.  Pricing for allover quilting is determined by the size of your quilt, and the density of quilting you require.

“Simple” patterns are are more open, and offer a less quilted finish, while “Complex” ones tend to be more densely stitched.  They take more time and use more thread, which is why they cost more.

Custom Quilting

If an allover design is not what you had in mind, I am able to custom quilt your top.  This might be a more traditional block and sashing treatment with stitch in the ditch; echoing around applique; or stitching something completely unique to your top.  Custom quilting costs £23 per hour.   Once I have seen your quilt top I can give you suggestions and an estimate of the likely costs.